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Ralph Baione
Office: 718-646-3600
Ralph Baione has had his finger on the pulse of the New York City's evolving real estate market for over 35 years through his unique background in real estate sales, management, construction, design and maintenance.

As a Brooklyn business owner and holder of thousands of square feet of commercial real estate, Ralph possesses firsthand experience in dealing with complex issues commonly faced by clients on both sides of the coin. Ralph has purchased,sold, rented and leased dozens of properties prior to entering the brokerage industry. This knowledge has provided him with the foresight necessary to anticipate and avoid problems that could arise years after the closing.

In addition to his understanding of New York City's real estate and business markets, Ralph's technical background enables him to detect and correct issues within commercial structures and systems. Ralph is a licensed contractor and has held licenses and certifications in air conditioning and refrigeration operation, pesticide application, fire safety, sprinkler and standpipe, boiler, torch and air compressor.

Ralph is a graduate of Brooklyn Technical High School, where he majored in Electrical Engineering and also attended St. Francis College where he was awarded a degree in Business Management. Ralph is also a member of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.
Languages: English
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