Real estate investing in Brooklyn can include, among other things, purchase, rehab, rental, or resale for profit. This includes many dynamics like finding investment sources for properties, acquisition of those properties, obtaining capital or mortgage leveraging, cash flow management, real estate development and many other factors. If these dynamics aren’t properly understood real estate investing in Brooklyn can be a risky and cumbersome proposition. Let the expertise of 25 years of investing in Brooklyn real estate work for you. Our knowledge and experience in risk management will ensure you have the best information possible when considering a real estate investment opportunity in Brooklyn. Whether you are looking at a rehab or a new construction, a multi-family income property, or a large rental tenant situation, Coldwell Banker Mid-Plaza can manage the entire process, including tenant and landlord advisory services, consulting, and even locating the best contractors through our Coldwell Banker Concierge© Program. And of course we will sell your home for you when the project is complete.

Invest informed, educated & supported every step of the way. Invest with Coldwell Banker Mid-Plaza Real Estate... Invest in your future, today. Call today to discuss a specific opportunity - 718-646-3600

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